Why am I drawn to the painter Seurat?

Why am I drawn to the painter Seurat?

Material flatness – can go beyond the silhouette or forms that are crushed. Greenberg’s desire to banish illusionism from painting, insisting ‘upon the real and material plane.’ Painting could only be about itself. Stella- what you see – the flatness of the picture plane. I do not agree with that.

What is discordance?

What is vibration?

Light as vibration through color relationships that go beyond Greenbergian formalism.

Discordance – can create vibration and movement through color. Form becomes transitory, like the flight of birds – Murmuration

Between internal – inside of the body and external environment?

Close your eyes – then see the forms.

Where does mind and imagination meet?

The experience of being in Le Chapelle, Paris and Bach. Unaccompanied Cello.

Make gestural formal patterns – thought made visible – structure.