Discordant Voices: Paintings by Madalyn Marcus

2017, McLean Center for the Arts, McLean, VA

“Marcus’s paintings embrace contradiction and dichotomy. They seek no conclusions, but rather aim to be wholly what they are. Steady and true to themselves, these works walk the line between randomness and intention, balancing between the loose hand and the practiced stroke.” — Nancy Sausser, curator

Download curator’s essay here.

Abstract and Illusion

2002, Troyer Gallery, Washington, DC.

“The show’s most original use of the grid comes from Marcus… It’s a sophisticated and strangely exhilarating work.” — Ferdinand Protzman, The Washington Post, 2002

ARTSCAPE: 2000 minus 1

1999, mixed media.


1998, mixed media.

“Madalyn Marcus, whose work over many years has asked hard and personal questions at the gates of language , has rendered the infinitely slow, natural rhythms of the voice of divinity. She uses large suites of individual canvas squares, painted in dusky, melancholic tones with diagonal or straight lines across their centers. This is the work of a mystic, a believer-as are all of these artists to some degree.” —Review by J.W. Mahoney, Articulate arts magazine, 1998

Ceramic Wall

2000, ceramic. Over 350 tiles (6 and 12 inch squares) spanning 9 x 12 feet.

Tiles created at the Balian Ceramic Studio in Alexandria, VA and East Jerusalem, Israel. Permanent installation at the artist’ home in Washington, DC.