Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog film – Cave – paraphrase

Language refers to a certain culture – place – and an image is timeless- what was before – what is present – what is future. This is why translation is important. These images in the caves according to one archeologist is where the Shaman energy and reality – the spirit world and reality have fused – there is no boundary. A story told about Aborigines always touching on ancient work – if they see it start to deteriorate – and when asked – ‘Why are you doing it’?- the reply  – ‘ I am not doing it. The spirit is guiding me ‘

“life is the illusion behind which lies the reality of dreams.”
– Werner Herzog

How the mind works. A narrative becomes how it is constructed that conveys another narrative, that is fiction. 

In reading Lolita, by Nabokov, it is not so much about the subject but the language inside Humbert’s head, the reality becomes the trauma that the mind holds. This is very similar to the main character in Austerlitz, by Sebald, where there is a blurring of what reality is. The boundary between the internal and external perceptions no longer exists as all of reality real or imagined is fused where reality and imagination meet, where reality and dream intersect.

Memory and imagination
What is remembered or what is imagined
It does not matter as long as it is real.