Horoshi Doi

The continuous search for the unseen is found in the Japanese practice of Reiki, a technique for accessing the ‘life force energy of the body.’ In this practice the hands are the conduit that connects what Reiki Master Horoshi Doi calls Hado, a word for wave energy.

As Horoshi Doi comments, “ the consciousness and the rhythm of the earth are programmed into the human body and constantly influence human life. For instance, the breathing rates for humans is eighteen times per minute which is the same as the ocean waves.”

I completed Reiki Master training in 2013. I learned how my hands could become a conduit for energy to flow.  

I believe the creative process taps into the unknowable truths that surround us. Like the circulatory system, blood flow, lymphatic system and the flow of water we experience in rivers and streams. All that is movement is energy.

The experience of viewing the Marina Abramović’ installation at the Jerusalem Biennale 2018

There she created a video screen with a huge grid where each square was filled with individual recordings of Tibetan Monks and Nuns chanting the Heart Sutra. The cacophony of sound expressed energy, hence the artist called it Waterfall. Because when Abramovic’ closed her eyes and listened, it sounded like flowing water.

The encounter of viewing a work of art can be a very powerful experience that involves all the senses, depending on how open and vulnerable one allows themselves to be as the viewer. By simply looking one can be open to the unknown possibilities that seeing can afford. An authentic experience in seeing is going beyond one’s sense of perception to a heightened  consciousness that is activated through this experience of observing and feeling through the senses.

The Octopus has three hearts, and its blood is blue.

A drop of blood equals a raindrop.

Werner Herzog, ‘The Twilight World’

the heart of a hummingbird beats twenty times a second, twelve hundred times a minute.”