Painting is a rational progression of irrational thought. We have our biological age that is different from our painting age. 

The power is in the paint
The energy
The image becomes a portal to hold the energy

Perception is not necessarily truth. We have seen that a lot in this country. But perception can be very powerful and even dangerous. The idea that you can have free thought and choice in a Democracy is something we no longer can take for granted. It is all threatened. 

A note of color and it’s relationship can become a heightened feeling. 

The line is like a vein that conveys a living pulse.
The geometric construct of a line is a mathematical abstraction, whereas in nature there are no straight lines.
The cumulative layers of a painting while using an underlying geometric construct play against the intuitive meandering of the body that convey a living pulse. 

I had a background originally in ceramics with a focus on high temperature porcelain influenced from China and Japan, along with the influence of Korean tea bowls. I learned that Korean tea bowls were warped because they would place the wet clay bowls in the sun to dry – that the irregular shape was not a form of mannerism but rather necessity – how awkwardness expresses truth.